How to Troubleshoot "Databases are Corrupted" and Malfunction errors in LANDesk Antivirus

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    How to fix "Databases are Corrupted", "Databases are extremely out of date", and "Malfunction" errors


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    "Databases are Corrupted" & "Databases are extremely out of date"


    On a single machine

    1. Open and administrative command prompt
    2. Run the following commands:
      • cd\ - press Enter
      • cd "Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\Antivirus" - press Enter
      • ldav.exe /updatefrominternet - press Enter



    You should see activity in the GUI for your AV client, as seen below:


    Once the update has finished, the error should be gone as seen below:



    On multiple clients


    1. On your core, go to the ManagementSuite\ldlogon\avclient\install\setup directory and rename the “” file to

        2. Re-initiate a download of the AV definitions from your Patch Manager (this will rebuild the file on your core)



    It would be a good idea to rebuild your agents and standalone installers at this point. This will ensure that the new file will be included in any installation from this point forward.


        3. In your Security Activity section (Tools->Security and Compliance->Security Activity), create a new "LANDESK Antivirus task..." that updates the definitions without a scan. Next, configure a new Antivirus setting. Leave everything here set to default, but change the update source to "Internet Only". Name the setting and save it - but be sure to remember this name. Once you have saved it, select that setting from the list and hit the "Use selected" button in the bottom right. At this point, give the task an appropriate name and hit Save. This will create a Scheduled Task with that name. Schedule the task like any other task you would build out and assign machines to it accordingly. Remember, the settings we're using for this task ONLY apply to this particular task - they will not be used from this point forward...just one time for this task and then be discarded.





    "Malfunction" error in AV Components


    On occasion, AV components may malfunction. They will show in the GUI as seen below:



    If you see this behavior on a single machine, please follow the steps in the "On a single machine" section above. You will want to reboot the machine once this has completed.


    If you see this on multiple machines, follow the instructions from Step 3 in the "On multiple clients" section above. You will want to schedule reboots for the machines once this has successfully ran on the targeted clients.


    If for any reason the steps above fail to resolve the issues presented, contact LANDesk Support and open a case to be investigated.