Using the Advice Center (content search page)

Version 10

    Our Advice Center at  offers powerful search features filters to allow you to easily find technical content about our products when it's convenient for you.

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    Getting started

    Searching with the Ivanti Advice Center

    <<Watch our video tutorial here>>


    From the homepage you have a choice:

    • Search by product If you just want to find out more about using a product then select the product group and then select that product from the list.  You will be brought to a page of search results which has already been filtered by your product selection.  The list will promote the most popular or the "getting started" content for your chosen product to the top.  You may want to further restrict your results by using a search term or selecting another filter (such content type or version).


    • Use a search phrase If you have a specific phrase or error that you are looking for, type this into the "search the Advice Center" box and hit the search button.  You will be brought to a page of search results filtered by your search query.  You may then wish to further restrict your results by selecting other filters such as content type, product, or version.


    Using the content filters

    The filters on the left of the search results page can be used to restrict the results to the information you are interested in.  Don't see the option you want?  Click More Options.  You can then search for the value you require.

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    Viewing results

    When using the Advice Center you are searching through content from multiple websites to bring you a combined list of search results.  Each different type of content is displayed with a different icon.

    • If you see a piece of content that you are interested in you can click on the Quick View link to scan the content to check it's what you needed.  The Quick View window will also highlight any search terms you've used to find it.
    • If you want to open a piece of content, click on it and it will open a new tab / window on the site where it exists.


    Using content tabs

    If you are only interested in a certain type of content you are able to restrict your results by clicking on the tabs at the top of the search page.


    • Community - This tab is particularly useful for troubleshooting.  It includes Knowledge Base (documents), Forum discussions, Blog Posts, Uploaded files and Ideas from our community sites.
    • Online Help - This tab is particularly useful for learning about a new topic.  It includes the product help and is available in a number of languages.