Network Profile Avalanche 6.X

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 5.3

    To be used to create a network profile to push to a device.


    1) Select the folder you want to apply your network profile to.

    2) Select Profiles from the left tab.

    3) Click the plus sign under Available Profiles

    4) Select Network settings

    5) Name your profile and enable if desired at this time

    6) Launch the selection criteria wizard to pick which devices to push the profile to.

    7) Use the check boxes to select if you want to manage WWAN, WLAN or WLAN IP

    8) Configure your settings

         A) WWAN allows you to define connection name, type (APN Domain or dial-up number), enable TCP/IP header compression, enable software compression, username and password, domain, Avalanche connection settings (activate phone as needed and dial broadband connection as needed), and the public ip address for your avalanche server.  (Custom properties link below)

         B) WLAN sets the SSID and security that goes along with it.  (Custom properties link below)

         C) WLAN IP settings allow you to override settings on the device, set the server address, the gateway, the subnet, manage DNS domain and servers, and use DHCP or assign IP from a pool.

         Note:  IP pools are set back at the top of the profile.


    9) Save your profile

    10) Once your profile is saved you can create new, delete or edit the existing scheduled changes. (Useful for things like an SSID change)

         A) You can create a new scheduled change by clicking the plus sign.


         You will be able to set a start date and time, as well as edit the SSID and encryption type.  Save your changes. (Note changes can only be made for settings you have already set in the profile.  (WWAN, WLAN, IP)  This can be changed by editing the profile itself which can only be done to a profile that is not applied.)


         B) To delete a scheduled change select the check box next to the change and then click the X


         C) You may edit a change by clicking on the Start Time


              You may clone or edit the change.


              The screen you come to contains the same options and limitation as setting a new change.  Save your changes.


    11) Once your profile is saved you will need to apply the profile to the appropriate folder.  Do this by selecting the profile under available profiles and clicking the check mark.


         You can set application selection criteria and then schedule a deployment or apply now.


         Schedule a deployment allows you to do this now, set a later date and to use the local time of the server.  Click Apply. 


         Clicking apply will bring you back to the profiles screen for the applied folder.  You will now need to run a deployment for the changes to be set.  This must be done before the settings will be pushed out to the device or devices.



    Custom network properties link

    How to set a custom network property to a device.