Scan to Config Profile Avalanche 6.x

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0Avalanche 5.3

    1) Select the folder you want to deploy to and Profiles from the left pane


    2) Click the plus sign under Available profiles


    3) Click Scan-to-Config settings


    4) Give your profile a name and/or an encrypted passcode the user will be prompted to enter during scanning.  You may also set the max barcode length used during scan to config.


    5) You can set the network settings from and existing network profile to your device.  You select check box, and then from the drop down menu choose the proper network profile.  You can use the current settings or a change set for a future date.

         This is the link on network profiles:  Network Profile Avalanche 6.X


    6)  You can also assign IP address, set registry keys and custom properties.


    7) Once you are finished with your changes click save and you will be taken to the your profiles main page where you can print the bar codes you will use to scan-to-config on your device.  From here you can also edit and clone the profile.



    9) Click Print Barcodes.



    10) Print your barcodes from the page that loads and then use your scanner with the scan-to-config option located in the Avalanche Enabler to set the configuration settings on your device.




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