How to import screens into screen reformatter / How to remove duplicate screens from Screen Capture

Version 2


    Velocity 1.2.100 and newer


    Wavelink Telnet for Windows



    • How do I import screens into screen reformatter?
    • How can I remove duplicate screens before importing screens into the velocity console



    You need to import the screens into the screen reformatter

    1. Open the Screen Reformatter
    2. Go To File > Import Screen Capture
    3. A message will appear saying that it did not add 'x' number of duplicate screens
    4. You can then organize the screens into groups based on similarities (ie. Error screens, Picking Process Screens, Receiving Process screens, login screens) using screen collections:

      You can get to this by Right Clicking on "Main Screen Collection" and choosing add collection

    5. Once you've organized your screens into collections, export your screen capture by going to Tools > Export Screen Capture