How To: Create A Query To View Agent Settings

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    How to create a query to view agent settings on all machines.


    There are many times when knowing exactly what agent setting is tied to a device is needed. You can view each device's inventory individually, however when needing to view many/all devices agent settings a query comes in handy.



    1. Under the Network View expand Queries. Right click My queries or Public queries and select "New Query" and name it Agent Settings or something similar.
    2. The first portion we are going to select a machine component that exists for all machines, I like to use the device name as shown below. This gives us our qualifier for the results.
    3. In the bottom portion we will need to include the agent setting name as a Column, so it is shown in the results. Example below.
    4. You should see similar results when you double click the query.


    Additional Information

    You can also add a "Qualifier" if you'd like to only see a specific set of agent settings. For example: You only need to know what Distribution and Patch setting is on all your devices. You will need to select the agent setting name in the columns section and click "Qualifier", then select the agent setting you'd like to see. Example below.


    The results should now only show the Distribution and Patch settings, as shown below.