Performance issues with Helpdesk

Version 1

    Helpdesk client loading slowly and in general experiencing poor performance. Internet edition mostly unaffected.


    One of the causes for this is an overgrown LOGMSG_HDW table.


    In SQL run the following query to find out the number of entries in the LOGMSG_HDW:

    SELECT     COUNT(*) AS Entries

    FROM         LOGMSG_HDW


    If the amount of entries is a very high value such as 50 000+ then this is most probably the cause for the poor performance.


    This issue is caused by message lists that are not being cleared by analysts regularly.


    To fix this issue the LOGMSG_HDW table can be truncated to improve performance either completely or only older entries depending on whether they actively use the message system or not.


    To truncate the entire table you should ask the customer to make a full restorable backup of the database and then execute the following SQL query:



    After this the performance should have been greatly improved.


    HelpDesk Client all versions