Issue: 2016.3 installation/upgrade fails at Data Analytics

Version 12

    Verified Product Versions

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    When upgrading or installing the LANDESK Management Suite 2016 core, it fails on Data Analytics. Pressing "Try again" does not progress the install.




    Data Analytics was not properly called by the install, and may have had trouble locating the executable.




    • Navigate to the upgrade's installation folder (2016.3 Installs have been failing on many machines due to the installation being run off the network drive. Please make sure installation is being run locally.)
      • Fresh install: C:\LANDESKSoftware2016-3\Resources\DataAnalytics
      • Upgrade: C:\LD2016.3.1_SU1\DA
    • Run Data Analytics executable called "setup10.exe" as administrator
    • Return to the core install wizard and click "Try again"


    If the DataAnalytics_Setup.exe.log is displaying the following:


    InstallShield 7:58:29: Setting external UI handler...

    InstallShield 7:58:29: Ready to launch program block.

    1: You must install the .NET Framework v4.5


    We may need to trick the system into thinking .NETv4.5 is already installed. There is an excellent Community contribution here that can be used to solve this issue:


    LDMS (10) 2016.3 and Windows 10 install


    If this still does not work, please contact Ivanti Support