Getting License Usage Statistics (extended POC)

Version 7


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    1. Administrator access to the Landesk Service Desk Console
      • Working knowledge of Landesk Service Desk Object and Query Designs is needed to verify the success of the installation
    2. Administrative access to the SQL server running your Landesk Service Desk Database
      • Working knowledge of running SQL scripts, adding SQL Agent Jobs and Triggers is needed to verify the success of the installation
      • We strongly recommend seeking assistant of a DBA for this tasks
    3. The script uses SQL Server 2016 syntax. If you are using older SQL Server versions please check with this article on how to make it compatible:

    Feature Overview

    The License Statistic Tool will write the License Usage Statistics every 5 minutes to 4 Statistic tables.

    The granularity reaches from 15min to 1 month, so that a details picture of your license usage should be provided.



    To Install the statistics, please follow the attached "Installation Documentation".