iOS Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0

    Avalanche requires the use of an Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) certificate in order to manage iOS devices. You need your own certificate to ensure secure communication between iOS devices and your servers.


    Note: You must have an Apple ID to obtain a certificate


    1. Navigate to (Note: You must include https:// in the address) and click Start


    2. Download and install Open SSL binary (Do not follow download instructions on as they are outdated for Open SSL download) from


    3.  Run openssl.exe located under C:\OpenSSL-Win64\bin


    4.  Run command genrsa -des3 -out privateKey.pem 2048 to generate a private key (Enter passphrase and verify when asked as this will be needed when prepping certificate for import)



    5. Generate the certificate signing request using the command req -new -key privateKey.pem -out cert.req (Note: You will be required to enter several pieces of information including pass phrase, Country code and etc.  Most of this is optional.)




    6. Click Next on the create page



    7.  Click browse and navigate to your cert.req file signed by Wavelink/Landesk.  You will either be prompted or the download will automatically start according to your browser and preferences of the request.plist file.



    8.  Navigate to and sign in with your Apple ID.  Click Create a Certificate



    9.  Accept the EULA



    10.  Click Choose File, select your request.plist and then click upload



    11.  Click download on the confirmation page to download MDM_ LANDesk Software, Inc_Certificate.pem (Note: Your certificate is only good for one year)



    12.  Go back to the Wavelink certificate page and click next



    13.  Rename your MDM_ LANDesk Software, Inc_Certificate.pem to something easier to type such as ios.pem and move it into C:\OpenSSL-Win64\bin where your privateKey.pem is located.  Then within the openssl.exe cmd type pkcs12 -export -inkey privateKey.pem -in <easier name to type>.pem -out <desired cert name>.p12   (Note: You will be required to enter your passphrase created earlier and create an export password)



    14.  Login to Avalanche, navigate to Tools>System Settings>SmartDevice Server>Apple iOS>Add, then browse to your .p12 file, select, click open and then type the export password created and retype.  Finally save your settings and deploy.



    For information on DEP please find follow this link