Velocity: Issues with Scanning on Panasonic / How To Manually Configure Scanner Support on Panasonic Devices

Version 3


    Velocity TE 1.2.x

    Panasonic Android Device



    Scanning doesn't work on Panasonic android device.




    Velocity has support included for Panasonic device however scanner integration is still in the works. This article is to go over the manual steps to get the "Barcode Reader" to work with Velocity.


    1.      Ensure that the Velocity Client is installed on the device before starting.

    2.      Once installed, Open the "Barcode Reader"

    3.      Tap the Menu button(...) and choose "Select Profile"

    4.      Choose "Create Profile"

    5.      Enter "Velocity" as the profile name

    6.      Tap on the newly created profile, "Velocity", to change the settings

    7.      Tap on "Associated Apps"

    8.      Tap the Menu button (...) and choose "New app/activity"

    9.      Select "com.wavelink.velocity" as the app

    10,    Select "*" as the activity

    11.    Tap on the back button to return to the settings for the Velocity profile.

    12.   Tap to disable "keyboard Wedge"

    13.   Tap "Intent output settings"

    14.   Tap to enable "Intent output"

    15.   Tap to change "Intent action name"

    16.   Enter "com.wavelink.intent.action.BARCODE", Press "OK"

    17.   Tap to change the "Intent category name"

    18.   Enter "android.intent.category.DEFAULT", press "OK"

    19.   Tap to change "Intent delivery type"

    20.   Tap "Broadcast intent"

    21.   Hit the back button to return to the settings for the Velocity profile

    22.   Configure "Symbologies" and any other settings that you may need.


    ** If Your left and right side button do not turn the scanner on after this. Go into the "UserButtonManager", scroll to the left and right button and assign them to the scanner.



    Once this has been completed and you have exited the application, you can now Launch the Velocity Client and begin scanning.