Viewing Asset details with Hyperlink

Version 16

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.6Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.x



    Until Service Desk 2016.1, when viewing the Asset details and using hyperlink (please check the below screenshot - when the Asset has been selected from the drop down list), you could see the details of the Asset in the popup window. The option of right click was also available to view the details of the Asset in the new window.



       Pic 1. Click on the hyperlink


       Pic 2. The Asset popup is displayed


       Pic 3. Right click on the selected Asset and open in new window


      Pic 4. New Asset window is opened


    Change of behavior


    From Service Desk 2016.2, the behavior has changed as the Asset are now processes (they have the workflows - please check the screenshot) and if you click hyperlink to view the details of already selected Asset, it will give you a popup window with question (as on the screenshot).



       Pic 5. Asset workflows - available from Service Desk 2016.2


       Pic 6. Popup question window - behavior from Service Desk 2016.2


    "You have made changes to the current form and if you proceed you will lose those changes.

    Are you sure you want to carry out this action?"


    If you carry on, you will be moved to the Asset (Service) window but all the changes from the previous window (e.g. Incident), will be lost.



       Pic 7. New Asset window




    In this case, from Service Desk 2016.2, it is recommended to use right-click on the Asset to view the Asset details in the new window.



       Pic 8. Right click option to view Asset in the new window



    If there is no Asset selected, as in previous versions of Service Desk, as well in the newest release the popup to add new Asset (Configuration Item) is still available (please check the below screenshot).


    New Configuration Item.png

       Pic 9. Popup window to add new Asset (Configuration Item) from hyperlink when there is no Asset selected