Re-installing the SDS

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0

    Delete the smart device server in Avalanche under the Inventory section by adding a check to the check box next to your SDS and clicking on the X just above the list and under the Device Servers heading. This will move it to Deleted Server Locations.



    Open services.msc and stop LANDesk Avalanche Notification Server and LANDesk Smart Device Server



    Go to Deleted Server Locations and permanently delete the SDS by again selecting the check box and clicking on the X just above.



    Go to C:\Program Files\Wavelink\Avalanche and delete the SmartDeviceServer folder



    Open up command prompt and run SC DELETE "LANDesk Smart Device Server"



    Restart your server


    If you are running your SDS on on the same server as Avalanche run the main Avalanche installer.  Click Next until you get to Select Components screen and leave all boxes checked



    Finish out the install


    Go into Avalanche, click Inventory and then click on the SDS


    Click Move, then click My Enterprise




    Run a deployment and wait for everything to sync