Configuring VelocityCE Client for Alternate MDM

Version 4

    Configuring VelocityCE Client for Alternate MDM


    If you manage your devices through a mobile device management (MDM) service other than Wavelink Avalanche, you can configure your VelocityCE Client settings through the Wavelink Configuration Manager and select the configuration files needed for mass distribution to managed devices.


    1.      Download and run the ActiveSync VelocityCE Client installation and configuration utility on a Windows system.  


    2.      Click the icon buttons to open the VelocityCE Client configuration tools and configure the Client as desired... create the Host Profile and configuration settings etc.

    3.      Once the desired settings are configured navigate to the install directory where VelocityCE is installed. By default the path is as follows: 


              C:\Program Files (x86)\Wavelink\Velocity Client  


    4.      Navigate to the right folder for the client you need configurations for. see example below... my target folder is ITC_CK71_WM6.



    5.      If the device already has Velocity Client installed already and you only need to copy the following config files :

             termcfg.bin, HostCFGS.BIN, PROFILES.DAT, CERTLIST.PEM




    6.      If you are installing VelocityCE Client for the first time on the device, you will only need to copy the Updated .cab file e.g


    7.      After you have obtained the necessary files you can, deploy the files to the mobile device using your alternate MDM or other deployment methods.