Users cannot sign in due to a license limit error even though there should be free licenses.

Version 4




    Requires Access To:

    The Administration tools on the Xtraction server.



    When users are trying to sign into the Xtraction page



    IIS handles the current user session information and the licenses being utilized by those users. When a user logs off or closes a browser of Xtraction IIS will time out the user session and free up the license. If IIS is not properly updating user session data then a manual flush may be necessary.


    Solution / Workaround:

    Each step in this solution will take more effective actions to resolve the internal issue the application may be experiencing and you will want to consider the impacts of each step before proceeding with that action.


    1. App pool recycle:

    This will log out all current users of Xtraction.

         -Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manger

         -Expand the server and select Application Pools

         -Right click the Xtraction app pool and shoo Recycle...

    2. IIS reset from the command line:

    This will log out all users who are connected to the that server while the services are restarted. Including any third party applications on that server.

         -Run the Command Prompt in Administrator mode

         -Type in IISRESET (no spaces) and press enter

    3. Manually clear the .Net cache files.

    This will stop IIS from serving web pages to all users until the files are cleared and IIS has been started back up.

    a. Run the Command in Administrator mode and run the command "IISREST /stop"

    b. Navigate to the folder "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files\" and clear the contents located there.

    c. In the Administrator Command prompt run the command "IISRESET /start"

    d. Once IIS has started back up users will be able to log into Xtraction again.