Velocity: Speech Context Menus

Version 3

    This document is to go over the context menu option to enable voice..


    Before we start you will need to make sure that you have the following ready to go or installed already


    1. Velocity Client ver. 1.2.104 +

    2. Speech APK ver 1.2.104

    3. Console ver 1.2.104


    This document assumes that you are familiar with editing screens to make a template.


    ** Be sure that you have enabled voice support



    with in the console we have added some new features to the context menu.. Voice!. with in here you can choose from pre-existing functionality or add your own.. we will go over both options.


    1. Add Voice:

    When one of the default options are selected and utilized, it will appear as follows to where, if needed, you can make changes.

    By default, the Global option is turned on. this always this option to be utilized on any screen. If you turn this off, then this option will only be available on the screen from which you added it. Also by default, Voice is enabled.


    • The menu item, Menu Item Title, displays in the context menu as the title of this option,
    • The Shortcut command is the action, it is best to leave this at the default value however you can change this to launch a script
    • the Matching Phrase, is the listening key word. in the example above, if the user said "Repeat" nothing would happen with in this menu item. However if the user said the Matching Phrase of, "Say Again", it would then fire off the last voice option given.


    2. Add New:


    This is a blank template that the admin will need to configure. All option are the same as the default except for the shortcut command.. When creating your own, you can use javascript to call out a specific script with its variables..


    Example: {script:speak("quantity,,,","added_636178472869320791","","sentence",false,false);}

    • in the above example i am calling out to a script called, "speak" and then passing to that script the static variables.
    • in the above example you see i have called out to, "added_636178472869320791". this is calling out the Component ID of a data value on the screen, or you can add in a static word as i have with the word, "Quantity" at the beginning of the script.

    ** Please note that the placement of options in the script depend on how you created the script..

    My script is set up as follows:





    When you have finished creating the context menu item, Click "Done" and it will save this option and now be displayed in your context menus.


    This feature can now be used in your application or Demo that you are using..


    Remember to save often and to deploy this change to the device.