Velocity: linking a script to specific screen

Version 2

    In Velocity 1.2.104 you now have the ability to link a specific script(s) to a particular screen, ( Scope ).. This is useful when using certain voice commands or functions that only pertain to a specific screen..


    This document assumes that you are familiar with creating scripts within Velocity.


    First we will need to have our scripts created in the script editor or one added from the library.



    Once we have our scripts completed, we will then need to link them to a session or a screen..Session is refered to as "Global", meaning all screens will benefit from this script.

    At the bottom of the console there is a link button, select that.

    Once you have selected "Link", you will then be prompted to add a scope or leave it at its default, "session"


    Click "OK" and this will be added to the Scope.


    If you need to assign this script to a specific screen, Click on Link and in the and instead of "session" add the Template ID of that screen as follows.


    Template ID to use:


    After Importing your screen into the Velocity Console, the template ID is missing and it will read, "Predictive" this is the predictive engine attampt at modifying the screens.. Once any change is made to the screen it will then change to a Template..


    After Import:

    Once We make a change, any change to the predictive output it will then change to a Template: In my screen i removed some miscellaneous text

    Now once we have the Template, we are able to rename that template to what ever we want..

    Linking the script:

    You will notice that the "@" is added to the front.. This designates that we are calling out a specific Template ID


    Save often and dont forget to deploy the changes, WLDEP, to the device.