How to create duplicate incidents in Service Desk

Version 1

    This document provides a quick solution for duplicating incidents in Service Desk by using a manual action within your Incident process.  It is largely based on the parent/child incident functionality.

    There are some caveats with this solution.  For example, the duplicated incidents will appear in the 'Children' or 'Parents' Collections on the respective incidents.  I could not find a way to alter the wording.  If you are okay with this, proceed with the solution.

    For the more advanced guys out there, I thought about trying to redo the incident-incident collection on the main incident object (Which is called 'Children' under the Incident object).  This would, in theory, allow us to have a different collection entirely, along with a proper name at the bottom of the incident window (i.e. 'Duplicate Incidents' as opposed to 'Children').  However, this is not possible, and will throw the error below.



    Object Designer Changes


    1. In Object Designer, create a new Business Object in the Incident Management module using the object creation wizard.  Call the new object 'Copy Incident'

    2. For the type of Business object, use 'created from incident'

    3. Only check the 'name' attribute in the wizard (Untick the other options)

    4. Give all permissions to the analyst role

    5. Select Finish. Save

    6. Create a new string -1 attribute under the new Copy Incident object and call it something like 'details.' Save

    7. Double click on incident object and find the Copy Incident Collection attribute. Click on it and take 'collection' off the description of the name. Save

    8. Right click the Copy Incident Collection attribute, select Manage Actions, and modify the action name by renaming it to "copy incident." Click OK.

    9. Save.



    Window Designer Changes


    1. Design a window under the new Copy Incident object, and put the 'Details' string attribute here. This can be used to write a short description as to why the incident is being duplicated for the audit trail (and we need the manual action before the auto action in the process in order for this to work at all - We might as well make it something useful).

    2. I'd recommend setting the protection level to WriteOnce, and setting a minumum number of lines (however big you want the field to appear upon launch).

    3. Save.

    4. Right-Click the new window and make it available in web access.



    Process Designer Changes


    1. In Process designer, deactivate and open the incident process you're working with.

    2. Remove the 'create child incident' action from your statuses (optional actions via status properties)

    3. Add a manual action to the process, and assign it your 'copy incident' action.

    4. After the manual action, add an automatic action and assign it the 'create child incident' action - Go into properties for this auto action (highlight it and select the small properties button toward the bottom of the interface) and set the default process to the desired incident process, which I assume would be the same as the one you're editing.

    5. Draw lines accordingly from the desired status though these two actions, obviously having the manual action first, and the auto action afterward.

    6. Double-click the auto action for 'Create Child Incident.' In all desired fields, right-click and use runtime values from Parents > Parent (i.e. Parents/Parent/Description to pull the current Incident description into the new Incident). Click OK.

    7. If all lines are drawn, save the process. Reactivate it as well.



    Test your changes by creating a new Incident in web access.  You may need to make adjustments because of mandatory fields, or set different protection levels for certain attributes.  The rest is fine tuning depending on your system and business needs.