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    Infrastructure is considered End of Life. This documentation is purely for supporting existing installations.


    1.    Build an agent package in AMC.

    Go to Quick Start and Create a Device Server Package:

    Select Device Server Package:

    Pick your type of Device Server. For this example, we are using Infrastructure:

    You can hit “Next” on the rest of the wizard options. Copy the related zip file from AvalancheMC\deploy\AgentPackage folder from your Avalanche Enterprise Server to the machine you would like to install on.


    The file needs to be added to the root of the agent package you created. The package should look like this:

    The is necessary so the installer has access to the install flags. I have attached three different and have labeled them as to which type of package they would correspond to. You will need to modify the LicenseServer and InfoRail.server lines inside the file to point to your corresponding Avalanche Enterprise Server machine. From there, rename your file to


    You can also modify the install directories sub folders in the properties file, the install will prompt you for the install drive and it defaults to C:\Wavelink. So you add what the installer uses plus what you reference in the package so the default install would          be C:\Wavelink\MM\Program, C:\Wavelink\Avalanche\Service.


    Once you have your file added to the agent deployment package you’ll need to run the Device Server Installer on the machine. I’ve attached it to this document as Avalanche_Device_Server_Installer.exe. During the install wizard it will prompt you to browse to your agent package. Select the package and choose your install location. The installer should automatically install the new infrastructure or device servers.  The link to the installer is attached here. The new servers will check into the UnassignedServer Locations folder in the Avalanche tree:

    The naming convention defaults to SA_x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the machine.  Once moved from Unassigned to a region the device server location can then be renamed.