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    On occasion, I have seen a perception that a window simply does not exist in Window Manager.  In reality, it may actually just not be visible.


    For example - There is an Add Appointment automatic action in your Change process.  You are looking to edit the fields on that window, but cannot locate it in Window Manager under the Change Calendar Appointment object.  No windows appear when you expand this object.




    When Window Manager displays the available objects, if any two objects have the same title in Object Designer (which is the application alias, NOT the 'name' field, which is what you would find in the database), Window Manager will only display the top (or, first) object.





    I recently had case like the example I give in the 'Problem' section, where we were trying to locate the Add Appointment window in Window Manager.  We noticed that there were two Change Calendar Appointment objects under the Change Management module in Object Designer.  See example below:




    If you look at each object by double-clicking, you would notice that the name fields are different, but the title is the same.  Lets say we already had a default window created for the bottom object, and we had already put that object in use for our Change Appointments.  The issue then occurs when you go into Window Manager, and only the top object is available.  See example below:




    As you can see in the image above, there is only one Change Calendar Appointment object appearing.  This obviously has no windows under it.  This happens when someone builds out a duplicate of a specific object (common for calendar configuration), makes windows, etc...  And at the end of the whole procedure, decides to change that object's title in Object Designer to be the same as the out-of-the-box object.  I assume this is to make it appear more seamless for the final product, but appears to cause issues.


    Simply give both objects in Object Designer different titles.  They will then both appear in Window Manager, allowing you to access and edit the desired windows.