How to update the CSA version 4.3 and above (Cloud Service Appliance)

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    Disclaimer: This only applies to CSA version 4.3. 4.2 is no longer supported and will need to be upgraded to 4.3. Please visit: How To: Upgrade the Cloud Services Appliance From 4.2 to 4.3



    The cloud service appliance isn't the latest version. This causes concern for those who wish to make sure security patching is up-to-date. This document also briefly addresses patching and changes to the CentOS operating system.



    Ivanti has released a new operating system for CSA version 4.4, for those inquiries, please visit:

    Cloud Services Appliance From 4.4 Upgrade and New Installs

    Cloud Service Appliance 4.4- Creating vCSA 4.4

    Cloud Service Appliance 4.4- Upgrading The Physical Appliance


    To check your CSA version:

    1. Log into the CSA
    2. Click About in the left column
    3. Look to the right of LANDesk Cloud Services Appliance release: (dev-123 is version 4.3)




    To update within the CSA:

    1. Log into the CSA
    2. Click System in the left column
    3. Select the Updates tab
    4. Press the Scan For Updates button
    5. Apply any desired patches



    How to manually update the CSA:

    Sometimes it is necessary to update manually via SSH. The following document explains how this is done: (This doesn't contain information on how to update the CentOS operating system)

    How To: Download and Patch the Cloud Service Appliance ( CSA ) version 4.3/4.4 manually



    How do I update the CSA's CentOS operating system?:

    The CentOS operating system is not meant to be upgraded or patched directly and would void support for the CSA appliance.

    There were many precautions taken by the engineers to ensure the security of the appliance. More information can be found here:

    CSA 4.3 Hardening