How to disable Usage Statistics to avoid requests to amazonaws content servers on port 443 from Service Desk IIS server

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    What is Usage Statistics?

    Service Desk Usage Statistics provide LANDESK with feature-usage information from our customer base. This helps LANDESK Product Management to determine which Service Desk features are well used and which are rarely used. This information helps us to understand our customer base better and helps to inform our roadmap, sustainment, and new feature planning. In addition, future capability will enhance and improve the technical support experience and provide additional customer value.


    The Usage Statistics feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it at any time. We encourage all customers to leave the UsageStatistics feature enabled on your live system to help us to focus on the functional areas that are important to you. We recommend disabling Usage Statistics on your test systems.

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    How to disable Usage Statistics if you would not like it to be reviewed by Landesk Product Management to improve Service Desk?

    If customer would like to void requests to amazonaws content servers on port 443 from Service Desk IIS server, you may log in to Configuration Centre and in the top box (Above Application Pool) click "Edit" and you should see the option to disable Usage Statistics.


    Diagnostic logging using Configuration Center