TelnetCE only scanning first character on CipherLab 9700

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    TelnetCE only scanning first character in CipherLab 9700



    • TelnetCE 7.x and later
    • CipherLab 9700 WM6.5




    • Cipher Lab only showing first character of a barcode
    • Barcode used was Code128



    By Default, the TelnetCE has most of the Symbology types enabled.

    If you are unable to scan to scan any barcode after installing TelnetCE and without further configuration go ahead and reset the device scanner settings tool.


    1. Reset the reader config to factory defaults.



    2. After resetting the Reader, you can test your scanning in the Diagnostics.

    3. Launch TE > Press ALT + D for Diagnostics. Press S for Scan Test

    4. You should be able to scan your barcode and the Scan Test will identify your Barcode type with the length and show all the characters in the barcode.




    5. If after resetting the Reader config does not fix you issue we recommend that you Clean Boot the device back to factory default.