[Tech Brief Webinar On-Demand 2017] Bring Voice to Velocity with Speakeasy powered by Wavelink

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    Bring Voice to Velocity with Speakeasy powered by Wavelink

    ON DEMAND WEBINAR                     DURATION:  1 hour                           DATE FEATURED: February 16, 2017






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    This video will show you how easy it is to add voice to the Velocity platform

    • Overview: Speakeasy for Velocity and the value of voice
    • Comparison: Nuances of adding voice to Android compared to legacy Windows operating systems
    • Demo: See how voice is implemented within the Velocity console


    Basic Velocity Voice implementation steps

    1. Go to http://www.wavelink.com/Download-Velocity_enterprise-app-modernization-Software/
    2. Download the Wavelink Velocity Console.
    3. Download the appropriate Velocity client apk that corresponds to your device.
    4. Go to http://www.wavelink.com/Download-Speakeasy_Voice-Enabled-Applications-Software/
    5. Download the Wavelink Speakeasy Add-on for Velocity Console.
    6. Download the Wavelink Speakeasy for Velocity (Android) apk file.
    7. Install Velocity Console on your PC.
    8. Install Speakeasy Add-on for Velocity Console on your PC.
    9. Install Velocity client apk on your Android device.
    10. Install Velocity Speakeasy apk on your Android device.
    11. Create a Velocity TE project.
    12. Press Script tab.
    13. Then Press Import tab to import the Speakeasy Scripts.wlxjs.
    14. Save your project. Your environment is now ready for Speakeasy.


    One of the attachments below includes the scripts requested from our webinar. This is a single file; however, once imported you will see a complete list of scripts!


    Wavelink brings voice to Velocity with Speakeasy, Completes Suite of Mobile Enablement for Android


    Speakeasy SpeakeasyCE Velocity Clients Downloads


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    With seven years of implementation experience at customer sites around the globe, Sam has countless hours working with our supply chain mobility solutions. He has helped hundreds of customers optimize their workflows to get the most from mobility platforms, device management, and voice enablement.


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