How To Build an Ivanti NetInstall Image for Mac Provisioning

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    Similar to how Windows Provisioning utilizes the WinPE environment, Mac Provisioning requires the use of the Apple NetBoot environment to capture and deploy disk images. The purpose of this document is to provide best-practice procedure on creating the Ivanti Netboot Image.



    What is needed

    The latest MacOS installer

    • This can be downloaded from the MacOS App Store. It will automatically place the installer in the Applications folder on the client where it is downloaded.

    A clean install of the OS on the device where the NBI will be built

    • Ivanti Recommends NOT installing any patches after installing the OS.

    An Ivanti Mac Agent from the core server

    • In the Management Suite Console, go to the Agent Configuration Tool and select Rebuild All. This will ensure the agent has the latest version files from the Core.
    • From a browser navigate to http://CoreServer/ldlogon/mac to download the Mac Agent, or via UNC on a Mac client go to smb://coreserver/ldlogon/mac.

    The Ivanti NetBoot Image Stamper

    • The Stamper is found on the core server at smb://coreserver/ldmain/Install/mac/landeskNBIStamper.pkg

    Note: In LANDESK 2016.x and 9.6 the stamper is not found at this location and has to be downloaded here: Mac OS X Provisioning Guide


    Prepare the MacOS Client


    1. Download the MacOS installer from the App Store. Copy it to a USB drive, or a network location.
    2. Install a fresh copy of MacOS High Sierra on the Mac that's going to be used for the creation of the NBI. Do NOT install any updates.
    3. Copy the installer that was used to install the OS back onto the device.
    4. Install the Mac Agent on the client.
    5. Install the Ivanti NBI Stamper on the client.


    Building the Apple NBI

    Open System Image Utility by navigating to /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/System Image


    The System Image Utility can also be found by using the Spotlight Search.


    Select the Install MacOS... option in the Source dropdown. Click Next.

    Choose a Source.png

    Note: If this option is not present, the latest MacOS installer needs to be downloaded from the App Store

    Select the NetInstall Image radio button. Click Next.
    Network Disk Image Type.png

    The Software License Agreement will be presented. Select Agree.


    No changes will need to be made for the next seven steps - Continue to hit Next until prompted to specify the Name and Location of the NBI.

    Skipped Steps.png


    Provide a Name and Save Location for the NBI. Saving to the Desktop is recommended as its the most convenient. Click Save.
    Name and Location.png

    Enter the requested Admin Credentials and allow a few moments for the image to be created.


    Once finished, click Done.
    Image Creation Successful.png



    Stamp the NBI with the Ivanti Stamper

    The Ivanti Startup Disk Stamper will do the following to the Netboot Image:


    • "Trim the Fat." The stamper will remove unnecessary files from the Netboot Image. The end result will be approximately 10% of the original size.
    • Add necessary files and certificates taken from the Agent installed on the Host Machine.

    Ensure that the latest Agent is installed on the machine running the Stamper.

    Open the "Ivanti Startup Disk Stamper" from the Applications folder:


      • The Source will be the NBI created earlier in this document. Select Choose and navigate to where it was saved.
        • The stamper will evaluate the NBI version to ensure it matches the host OS exactly.
      • Set a Desktop Background (Optional). The Ivanti Default Background will be used if this isn't configured.
      • Select whether to build a Netboot Image or USB Boot Media. USB Boot Media is only used if PXE is not going to be an option.
      • Specify the location to save the Stamped NBI. The desktop is recommended.
        • Be sure to not include any spaces in the name of the saved NBI. Mac machines do not like spaces in the bootfile being served when netbooting.
      • Index number can be any number. Its recommended utilizing a different index number each time the NBI is created.
    • Click Create and allow the "Ivantification Process" to complete.


    Moving the Stamped NBI to the Core


    Copy the Stamped NBI directly from the Mac to the Core as Windows can sometimes mishandle Mac files. This avoids any potential issues.


    1. On the machine used to stamp the NBI, click on the desktop background and then on Go in the Apple bar at the top of the screen.
    2. From the Go menu click on Connect to Server.
    3. On the Connect to Server prompt enter the following address: smb://{coreservername}/ldmain/landesk/vboot/
    4. Create a directory called "NetBoot" in the vboot folder.
    5. Copy the NBI into the Netboot folder.
      Connect to Server.png




    If  any issues with Netboot are encountered, please review this document to help troubleshoot the issue: How To: Troubleshoot Netboot for Mac Provisioning


    If issues persist, please contact Ivanti EPM support.