How To: Configure/Utilize Categories for Workspaces in 2016.3

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    Management Suite 2016.3 introduced Categories for the Software Catalog within Workspaces. Categories appear at the "Top" level of the Software Catalog, and include both a descriptor and an image.


    This documented is intended to cover creating and utilizing Categories within the Software Catalog.


    Creating Categories

    Begin by opening the Distribution Packages tool within Management Suite by selecting Tools > Distribution > Distribution Packages in the Management Suite Menu Bar.


    Once inside the Distribution Packages tool, select Configure Settings along the toolbar. The icon is a small cog.

    Tool Bar.png

    The Default Package Settings window will open. In the left column, select Categories.


    To add a Category, type in the desired name of the first Category and select Add. The newly created Category will appear in the List of Items box.

    Default Package Settings.png


    To add an image to a Category, select the created Category from the List of Items box and select Add Image. Browse to the stored location for the desired image and select OK.

    Add Image.png

    Adding Categories to Workspaces

    Now that the desired Categories have been created, the next step is too add them to Workspaces. To do this, Categories will have to be associated with various Distribution Packages.


    In this case, the NotePad++  Distribution Package is being added to the Utilities category created in the above section. In the Distribution Packages tool, Right-Click the desired Distribution Package and select Properties.


    In the Properties window, select Categories under the Metadata section in the left tree. Enable Categories by selecting Enable Categories and select the desired Category in the drop-down list.


    Click Save.


    The next step is to Schedule the Package and make it available to Managed Devices in the Workspaces Software Catalog. This is done in the same method as Portal Manager. For more information, please see this Community Document.


    Once the Policy has been made available to the Managed Workstation, click Refresh in the Workspaces Software Catalog and the available Categories will appear.


    Note: Catalogs will only show in Workspaces if the Managed Workstation has been assigned a Distribution Package that is Associated with that Category. Workspaces will NOT show all configured Categories by Default.