User Account Maintanance in Xtraction - AD Groups vs. Xtraction User Account Administration

Version 9



    Is it possible to use Active Directory Groups to maintain user accounts in Xtraction and at the same time maintain user accounts in Xtraction, in Administration component, manually?




    We set up AD Group and for every user in this group, we want users to access Xtraction and we want them to be Designers. Once you turn on the feature, the Xtraction looks into this AD Group to determine, if the users from this group can log into Xtraction and if they can log as Designers. So if there are users that are not in this group, we would then want to manually maintain them in Xtraction. Would it be possible?




    Unfortunately, it won't be possible. Once you turn the feature on, you must now use AD Groups to manage all user accounts.


    You can either manage all of the Xtraction accounts through the AD Groups or through Administration component. If you choose AD Groups for maintenance, you will need to create several AD Groups for Admins, Private Designers, Designers, etc.


    In case, when you manually update user account as an Xtraction Admin (e.g. you want to change user from Designer to be Private Designer), when the user logs next time, it will be set again as in the configuration in AD. It will overwrite manual change, that you have made.


    If you would like to apply this solution, we would suggest to TEST it first on the TEST environment before going to LIVE.


    For Active Directory integration, please check the Xtraction Installation Guide.pdf (Appendix B - Active Directory integration - page 26).


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