How are "Realtime" and "Virus scan" exclusions reflected on a LANDesk Antivirus Client?

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    Excluding items from antivirus scans and realtime protection

    You can specify what not to scan for with both antivirus scans and real-time file protection. Configure antivirus scan exclusions by adding files, folders, and file types to the exclusion list on the Virus scan and Realtime tabs of antivirus protection settings.

    How are "Realtime" and "Virus scan" exclusions reflected on a LDAV Client?

    To view these exclusions, on the LDAV Client navigate to Settings - Anti-virus protection, click on the Settings button under the "Scan exclusion and trusted applications" section. The following "Trusted zone" dialog will open.

    • Exclusions from the Realtime tab will be added to both Scan exclusions and Trusted applications.
    • Exclusions from the Virus scan tab will be added to Scan exclusions only.