Xtraction Licenses and Connectors

Version 5



    How do I obtain licenses and connectors (combined in DataModel.dat file) for Xtraction?




    Please speak with your account representative about obtaining the licenses and connectors for Xtraction.


    When you install or upgrade your Service Desk to version 2016.4, you are now entitled to the standard license for 2 concurrent analysts. Please check the article SD 2016.4 replaces Crystals Reports with Xtraction for new and existing customer .


    When asking for the licenses, please note that you need to pass the hostname in order to have the license associated with the server name. If the server name is different as in the generated license - for instance license has been generated for 'Xtraction' hostname and then you will change the hostname to 'Xtraction1' - the license validation will fail.



    Invalid License.png


    Pic.1. Invalid License



    There are also other reasons that license validation fails. Please check the below articles.


    Error when reloading Xtraction License file


    Xtraction License Check Failed



    If the hostname matches the server name the license was generated for, license validation will succeed.


    Vaild License.png


    Pic. 2. License is valid


    How to check hostname


    Please find the screenshots how to check the hostname on the server hosting Xtraction.




    Pic. 3. Type hostname in command line




    Pic. 4. Type ipconfig /all  in command line and check the first section for hostname


    Server Manager.png


    Pic.5. If the server hostname (Computer name) does not match server name in the generated license, you can change the hostname (Computer name) in Server Manager as in the above screenshot. Please note that the server will need to be restarted to apply the change


    Using Licensing Portal to Download the License


    If you have received the link to the portal with credentials from your account manager or licensing team, please go to the REPORTING & ANALYTICS  section on left side panel, choose Xtraction and type the server name (hostname) and download the license. In Connector Summary you should find the DataModel.dat file (with connector/connectors - e.g. to LDSD or LDMS database). If Connector Summary section is empty (info: No Xtraction connectors detected), please check with your account manager or Licensing Team, that you have obtained the link to the portal from.


    License portal.png

    Pic. 6. License Portal where you can download Xtraction License specifying the hostname of the server that will be hosting Xtraction. Please ensure to type this in carefully, as this is case sensitive, and once its entered, it can take time to change as it needs to go through a number of channels to be reversed.


    If your host name was changed and you don't remember the hostname the license was generated for, please check in the license portal, contact licensing team or contact support to check that for you.