Detect offline sessions

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    An "offline" session can mean one of many things. The actual meaning depends on your interpretation. It can be:


    an emulation session which is connected to the host but not logged onto the host application

    an emulation session which is disconnected

    a browser session which receives a page with title "Offline"

    For 1), you can simply look for text on the screen. This can be done using the OnReceive handler. For 2) you can implement a handler for the OnSessionDisconnect and OnSessionDisconnected events.


    This script will detect the "Offline" page in a browser session and will redirect the CETerm browser to the login screen. This is about the same as the user pressing a key mapped to "URL Home".



    function OnDocumentDone( session )


       // Get document object

        var d=CETerm.Session(session).Browser.Document;


        // Compare title



           // Return to home URL

            var script = "CETerm.PostIDA('IDA_URL_HOME'," + session + ");";

            CETerm.SetTimeout( script, 500 );