How do I create a Script?

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    A Script for CETerm is an editable text file written in JavaScript open standard language syntax. It includes references to additional objects and event handlers which are provided by CETerm.


    It is a JavaScript program that gives you access to the state of CETerm, running sessions, hardware components (like keyboard), peripherals (like barcode scanner), Network (like status, and simple operations such as ping, ftp etc), Files and Registry (like read and write data).


    Scripts can be used to customize or automate application operations. If you are new to this, we recommend reviewing the Scripting Guide which you can download from our website. CETerm Manuals


    The fastest way to create a Script is by starting with a pre-existing sample. We provide several of these with in our community forum.


    For debugging, you may need to go through an iterative process of:


    1. Editing the script on your desktop
    2. Placing some "Alert" statements to help with debugging
    3. Importing and loading the script to the device
    4. Testing its functionality


    If you do not find a good sample script, you can simply start from scratch as well.