Can I change the text font size for my web pages?

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    You can control the HTML text size being displayed by tapping the Font Up / Font Down buttons on the toolbar or select Display -> Font Up / Font Down to increase or decrease the size of the HTML font text. If you are running in fullscreen lockdown mode, you may have to unhide the application Menubar / toolbar.

    The last font size set is automatically saved as part of the configuration so that the font size setting is used in subsequent launches of the session. If however you do not see the font size getting preserved, it may be due to the dynamic sizing and layout of the screen content performed by the underlying Microsoft Browser rendering engine.

    Please note the following with respect to font sizes and fitting web pages on the terminal displays:

    • The underlying browser components / capability provided by Microsoft varies with the Windows CE OS platform and version. The Windows Mobile browser is much more limited than the Windows CE browser, but it does have unique layout features to improve the display on small screens.
    • CETerm configuration has an Auto-Fit option but this only works on Windows CE platform devices. It also requires the terminal hardware vendor to have included some optional Microsoft components and most vendors do not do so.
    • Other than the overall scaling setting, you can't do much more in CETerm to fit pages designed for desktop browsers on the Windows CE devices.
    • Tailoring the HTML pages to the small screen is the best approach. You can also reduce page complexity to just the essential components to give better performance.