Velocity WEB: Disable Pinch Zoom / SAP Login Page Too Small

Version 7


    Android Device

    Velocity 1.2.x - 2.x



    • Touching the screen causes the image to zoom out or zoom in, so much so that it is difficult to read. The end user then has to adjust the image before they can use the page.
    • I cannot disable pinch zoom in our WEB application on our android device



    This resolution results in the screen not being able to zoom in or out and that the page is fixed (or mostly fixed) to one area.


    1. Open velocity console project
    2. Go to the Settings Tab
      viewport Fix - resource.jpg
    3. At the bottom left, click “Add” and add the attached .html file as a resource.
    4. Then go to the scripts section
      viewport Fix - script.jpg
    5. On the bottom left, click “Library”
    6. Select “Web Insert” and press OK
    7. Check the box next to Web Insert and click “Link” (in the bottom middle)
    8. A message box will appear saying “ session”, press OK
    9. In the “Resource Name” type “viewport.html”
    10. Save and deploy this to their device.


    For those who would like to create their own "viewport.html", here is what is inside of it: