How do you set Error Page navigation for Browser sessions?

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    CETerm 5.7

    Our Web Browser supports the ability to redirect the Web application navigation to a pre-defined error page if the network connection to the web server is lost. This capability is only available in version 5.1 or higher. To configure error page navigation, follow these steps:


    • Set the "Network Check before Send" checkbox on the Session -> Configure -> Connection -> Advanced -> Network tab.
    • You can also set the timeout period used to check the server availability
    • Specify a server (any host or IP) to check. If not set, it will use the server in the pending navigation URL
    • Specify the Action which will typically be a "file:///myErrorPage.htm" URL. This should be the device local "error page" URL. If you specify an action, the "Cancel" button is disabled on the Network Check dialog.

    The network check sends an ICMP Ping to determine if the path to the host is available. This effectively checks if the RF is available, the device is associated, any security protocols are established, and the host is alive. The network check is only performed if the pending URL is a HTTP or HTTPS type. Note that this does not check if your host web server has crashed.


    If a Network check "Host" is specified, then that host is the target of the ping. This can be useful if you have a network component or alternate host that can be used to query.


    If you always navigate to the error page, then possible problems could be:


    • Your host or host firewall is configured so that it won't respond to a ping.
    • You have a character in the "host" configuration of CETerm. Even a space will be parsed to try to determine the host. Make sure it is empty.