How do you control Serial port attached peripherals from your web application

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    CETerm allows you to easily interface with external devices attached to the serial port of your device. Both real (e.g., “COM1:”) and virtual (e.g., “BSP1:”) serial ports can be fully controlled and accessed from emulation or browser sessions. Serial ports can be opened for read-access, write-access, or both.

    A Device automation object is provided as part of the Scripting capability. It has a SerialPort interface which returns the serial port object and should be used to interface with any serial device into CETerm; such as a tethered scanner, scale, printer, Bluetooth scanner, or RFID reader.

    Please refer to the Scripting Guide under Support -> Manuals section of our website on details about interfacing with peripherals attached via a serial port.