Management Server cmdlets can be case-sensitive

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    Management Center 10.0Management Center 10.1


    Care should be taken when using the Management Center cmdlets as there have been instances identified where the cmdlet parameter needs to be in the correct case.


    EXAMPLE: Using the following command will produce an error:-



    Initialize-ApsServer -WebsiteName "Default Web site" -DatabaseServer $DBServer -DatabaseName $DB -ServiceCredential $ServiceCredentials -ConfigurerCredential $ConfigCredentials -WebsiteAuthentication "Anonymous" -Verbose -Force


    This error is produced as the -WebsiteName parameter specified a lowercase 's'.  The screen below shows that in IIS there is a capitilization used:-



    Repeating the command using the correct case, results in a successful configuration:-



    Initialize-ApsServer -WebsiteName "Default Web Site" -DatabaseServer $DBServer -DatabaseName $DB -ServiceCredential $ServiceCredentials -ConfigurerCredential $ConfigCredentials -WebsiteAuthentication "Anonymous" -Verbose -Force