Enabling/Disabling Deployment Service logging

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Management Center 8.7Management Center 8.6


    What does the Deployment Service do?

    • Performs CCA installation when initialized from the Management Server
    • Performs the Poll Now functionality when initialized from the Management Server

     NOTE:  Event dispatcher logging should only be enabled when advised to do so by AppSense support.


    To enable logging

    1. Backup C:\Program Files\AppSense\Management Center\Server\Bin\DeploymentService.exe.config
    2. Open the Management Server Configuration Utility.
    3. Under Services please tick 'Generate Diagnostics Log' for the AppSense Deployment Service
    4. pen an elevated instance of Notepad and navigate to the following location: C:\Program Files\AppSense\Management Center\Server\Bin\DeploymentService.exe.config
    Within the DeploymentService.exe.config file, edit the following lines:


    <log4net threshold="Off">



    <log4net threshold="ALL">


    <Level value="All" />


    <level value="10" />

    Save the file

    5. Start the AppSense Deployment Service
    6. This generates: C:\Program Files\AppSense\Management Center\Server\Bin\DeploymentService.log
    7. Re-create the issue or Allow the issue to re-occur
    8. Send the Deployment Service log to us for analysis
    9. Stop the AppSense Deployment Service
    10. Uncheck the 'Enable Diagnostic logging' box
    11. Restart the AppSense Deployment Service

    •  NOTE: As of version 10.1 logging is enabled by default and outputs to the following locations:

      SCP - %ProgramData%\AppSense\SCU 

      Management Server - %ProgramData%\AppSense\Management_[InstanceName]