Personalization Server times out (especially first request of the day)

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    The first request to the Personalization Server in the morning may time out causing user profile settings to be lost until logging off and on.
    This may also happen intermittantly during the day depending on user load.


    Personalization Servers having limited internet access or via a web proxy server may encounter a delay initialising worker process groups due to .NET certificate checking.
    This occurs if the IIS application pools are restarted or reach the idle time-out.  
    You can use the workaround from Microsoft knowledgebase article  to set generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false" in the machine.config files:
    by first taking a backup copy of the files and then editing the line:

    with the following lines:
         <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>


    Implementing this solution/change will in most cases restart all of the application pools on the IIS server in question. The reason for this can be found here:

    In particular:

    Atrun time, ASP.NET uses the Web.config files to hierarchically compute a uniquecollection of configuration settings for each incoming URL request. Thesesettings are calculated only once and then cached on the server. ASP.NETdetects any changes to the configuration files and then automatically appliesthose changes to the affected applications, restarting the applications in mostcases. Hierarchical configuration settings are automatically calculated andcached again whenever a configuration file in the hierarchy is changed. The IISserver does not have to be restarted for the changes to take effect unless the processModel section has been changed.


    Good blog post on this:

    'you cannot add this to an applications Web.Config but you can add it to the ASPNET.CONFIG file in the Framework directory'