Regedit does not allow loading of hives when elevated with URM

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    Verified Product Versions

    AppSense Application Manager 8.9AppSense Application Manager 8.8AppSense Application Manager 8.7AppSense Application Manager 8.6AppSense Application Manager 8.5AppSense Application Manager 8.4AppSense Application Manager 8.3AppSense Application Manager 8.2AppSense Application Manager 8.1


    When Application Manager (User Rights Management) is used to elevate the rights of regedit.exe to those of a local administrator and an attempt is made to load a registry hive file, the error

    Insufficient privileges
    is returned and the hive does not load.


    The Restore privilege is required as per

    In the User Rights Management Policy being used to elevate regedit.exe, set the state of the SeRestorePrivilege privilege to "Enable"

    When troubleshooting issues that may be privilege related, add all privileges temporarily as "Enable" and see if the problem is solved. If it is not solved, the issue is not caused by privileges. If it is solved, you need to find which privilege(s) is required and just have these in the URM policy.