DesktopNow version 10.0 introduces a new license format

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 10.0Performance Manager 10.0Management Center 10.0Application Control 10.0


    DesktopNow version 10.x introduces a new license key format and therefore requires that a new license key is deployed to all endpoints for DesktopNow version 10.x agents to function.


    Management Center version 10.x can deploy both the earlier 8.x license keys and the new 10.x license keys. The old and the new license keys can be deployed side-by-side on the same endpoint. Management Center version 10.x supports the deployment of version 8.x and 10.x agents and version 8.x and version 10.x configuration files.


    To obtain a new license key please use the contact information below:


    For the Americas (Canada, North/South) Japan, China and Hong Kong, please direct to queries to
    [email protected]

    For EMEA North (UK, Ireland and all Nordic Regions) please direct queries to
    [email protected]


    For EMEA South (Middle East, Africa, Central & Southern Regions) & APAC (Asia Pacific, excluding China and Japan) please direct queries to
    [email protected]