Penetration test False-Positive Security Vulnerability warnings

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

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    The following CVE references may be flagged against DataNow or Insight following a penetration test. These have been investigated by our development team who have deemed that they do not present a security risk to our platform:




    CVE-2004-0230 - TCP Sequence Number Approximation Based Denial of Service affecting SSH


    CVE-2015-3194 - Certificate verify crash with missing PSS parameter - OpenSSL vulnerability in 1.0.2d


    CVE-2015-3196 - Race condition handling PSK identify hint - OpenSSL vulnerability in 1.0.2d


    CVE-2015-1794 - Anon DH ServerKeyExchange with 0 p parameter - OpenSSL vulnerability in 1.0.2d


    CVE-2016-3115 - OpenSSH Xauth Command Injection Vulnerability


    CVE-2014-0231 - Apache HTTP Server before 2.4.10 does not have a Timeout Mechanism


    CVE-2013-5704 - Apache HTTP Server 2.2.22 allows remote attackers to bypass "RequestHeader unset" directives


    CVE-2014-0118 - Apache HTTP Server before 2.4.10 request body decompression is enabled


    CVE-2016-1238 - FreeBSD : perl -- local arbitrary code execution



    - FreeBSD : Vulnerabilities in Curl


    CVE-2016-7167 - FreeBSD : cURL -- Escape and unescape integer overflows


    CVE-2016-8745 - FreeBSD : tomcat -- information disclosure vulnerability


    CVE-2017-3732 - FreeBSD : OpenSSL -- BN_mod_exp may produce incorrect results on x86_64





    The above security warnings can be safely ignored