How to delete defunct Personalization or Management servers from the SCP

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    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 10.0Management Center 10.0


    In the Server Configuration Portal for version 10 of the DesktopNow products (Personalization Server and Management Center), it is possible to manage multiple servers from the SCP on one server. The servers are listed in the Personalization Servers or Management Servers section of the SCP. 

    In the event that a server is decommissioned, there is no way to delete the server from the SCP, therefore it will still be shown in the list. 

    To delete the server from the SCP you need to remove it from the SQL Server database.


    On the SQL Server, run the following statement against your Personalization Server or Management Server database (depending on which product you are dealing with):


    SELECT * FROM ScuServers

    This will list all the servers that the SCP knows about, including the decommissioned ones. Make a note of the NetBIOS name of the servers you want to remove and then run the following statement:


    DELETE FROM ScuServers WHERE NetBiosName LIKE 'netbiosname here'

    You can then go back to the SCP and refresh the page and you will see the servers are no longer listed.

    NOTE: You may need to remove the servers from both databases if the servers ran Personalization and Management server roles