Unable to create a link based share over 200MB or add more than 50 files to an existing share

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    File Director 4.1File Director 4.2File Director 4.3


    As of DataNow / File Director 4.1, by default users will receive the following dialogue if they try and share a file to a recipient which is over 200MB


    The Web client:






    Share exceeds maximum individual share size




    The Windows client:




    Create share, <share>, failed with message "Unknown protocol error (1113)"


    Similar messages my be returned if a user attempts to add more than 50 files to a link-based share


    Default restrictions have been implemented to ensure the reliability and timeliness of share creation. These limits can be adjusted with the assistance of AppSense support. Please raise a ticket via the portal or telephone quoting this article's solution ID if this is required.