Understanding the .dataNowFolderUploads_ folder

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    On the SMB storage referenced as a File Director Read/Write map point location, every folder has a hidden .dataNowFolderUpload folder present


    This is a transient store used by several File Director functions including:

    - Permission checks (.chk files are used to determine the combination of share / NTFS access level to apply appropriate client behaviour, such as displaying correct overlays) There will be a maximum of one file created per user that interacts with the map point.

    NOTE: As of DataNow 3.6 with encryption / File Director 4.x permission checks are now established directly via SMB

    - Resumable upload metadata store in DataNow >3.5 (any orphaned .xml and .part temporary files are automatically cleaned up)

    - Delta upload store (Used as a staging location to 'reassemble' delta uploads from a syncing client - orphaned files are automatically cleaned up)

    - Partial upload location - when a file is being uploaded, it is streamed to this location before being moved to the correct location in the original folder. Orphaned files caused by a failed upload are automatically cleaned up


    This folder is not visible in File Director(it exists on the SMB storage only) and has the 'hidden' flag applied.

    If it is accidentally deleted, it will be recreated automatically the next time a user interacts with the parent folder or sibling content via File Director.