Timeout error when saving Active Directory configuration in DataNow Admin Console

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    When entering the Active Directory details in the Confguration section of the DataNow Admin Console, the LDAP connection test may fail with the following error:


    'Connection timeout to server specified'


    On save of the Active Directory configuration, the Server performs an LDAP test to confirm that that the details in the configuration are all correct.


    - Ensure the Active Directory server has been input correctly (It is recommended to use the IPv4 address of the server where possible to avoid any DNS issues).


    - If using a FQDN for the server then ensure that your DNS server contains an entry for the DataNow appliance, and is resolvable within the internal network.


    - Check the 'Bind User' credentials are correct, and that the user's account has not been locked out or disabled


    - Ensure that the 'Bind User' username is either in UPN or short name format


    - Ensure the 'Bind User' is within the same domain as the Domain Controller you are connecting to


    - Ensure the ‘Bind User’ has ‘Read Permissions’ to the required records


    - Ensure that Port 389 (LDAP) is accessable to the Domain Controller


    After ensuring all the above are correct and valid, the next step would be to check the Security Event Logs on the Domain Controller (server) for Credential Validation messages referencing the 'Bind User' account.