Leveraging JavaScript for advanced customisation of Map Points

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    The File Director Appliance allows for advanced customisation of map points by leveraging JavaScript.

    If the path contains the %UserName% or %EmployeeID% strings, the mapping is routed through a JavaScript parser for each token separated by UNC slashes.


    JavaScript prototype methods for String class can be used embedded in the map point configuration, for a list of these methods look here:


    EXAMPLE: The following string will split the path to 3 different locations based on the username where each target is a share on a different FS under the same DFS namespace :


    \\domain.local\DFSpath\"%UserName%".match("^[a-hA-H].*") ? ”Target1" : ("%UserName%".match("^[i-mI-M].*") ? ”Target2" : ”Target3")