Monitoring the health of a File Director Appliance

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    AppSense DataNow 3.6AppSense DataNow 3.5AppSense DataNow 3.0AppSense DataNow 2.0AppSense DataNow 4.0AppSense DataNow 4.1AppSense DataNow 4.2AppSense File Director 4.3


    File Director features a dedicated website which can be used to monitor the health of File Director for the purposes of proactive monitoring or network load balancing.


    Appliance Versions 3.x and Greater


    The following URL is preferred and tests various components of File Director to ensure high availability.




    The URL will return a 'Success' response if all tests pass successfully:


    • Web admin has been configured.
    • Database has connectivity. (configured database)
    • Application is responsive. (monitor can access /api/version)
    • Web Services are running. (Apache and Tomcat)
    • The admin console does not have the 'maintenance mode' flag selected


    Example Responses


    200 - Successful





    200 - Failed





    As of File Director 4.1 update 2 it is also possible to force plain text output of the status, for compatibility with certain NLB devices which may try and download the JSON as opposed to read the status. To do this, use the following URL: http://<appliance>:8001/status?type=text&force_ok=true