DataNow iOS and LBS external receiver connectivity issues with ISA / TMG reverse proxy

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    Verified Product Versions

    AppSense DataNow 3.6AppSense DataNow 3.5AppSense DataNow 3.0AppSense DataNow 4.0AppSense DataNow 4.1


    Possible symptoms:

    iOS client will not connect

    External LBS (Link-Based Sharing) receivers are unable to log in via any browser

    These symptoms may be seen when a Reverse proxy such as Microsoft Forefront TMG or ISA server is in use and Authentication delegation on the reverse proxy is configured to prevent a client from authenticating directly



    This is caused by the reverse proxy inhibiting certain communications between DataNow and the DataNow client(s) resulting in the symptoms above.

    The reverse proxy should be configured to allow direct authentication by the clients. In Microsoft Forefront TMG this can be configured on a rule basis via the following setting (Choose "No delegation, but client may authenticate directly" to mitigate symptoms)