Installing CCA via the Management Console fails to complete

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    Verified Product Versions

    Management Center 8.7Management Center 8.6


    When connecting to the Management Server Console, the connection server string specified is additionally utilized when an Administrator runs the "Install CCA/Deployment Agent" Operation on one or more endpoints.

    If you connected to the Management Server Console using just the Management Center's Hostname, this will be therefore utilized within the CCA install WEBSITE parameter switch. If some of your Endpoints are unable to contact to the Server via the hostname (eg: http://HOSTNAME:80) then although the installation will be successful, the endpoint will not be able to successfully poll.


    The is caused by a name resolution issue outside of AppSense preventing the endpoint from resolving the Hostname of the Management Server(s). Administrators should note that this connection string is also utilized for this operation, and apply one of the workrounds listed below.

    If one or more of your endpoints is unable to connect to the Management Server by just Hostname you can workround this by using an alternative connection string when accessing the Management Server Console:

    1. LocalHost (if the Console is installed on the same server as the AMC).  
    2. IP address of the AMC Server.
    3. FQDN of the AMC Server.