Non-Persistent endpoints fail to download configurations at startup

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    Management Center 8.7Management Center 8.6


    Non-persistent machines may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms after bootup:

    • New or all Startup actions may not apply as per your configuration settings.
    • There could be abnormal intermittent behaviour during Logon, logon actions or Personalization are not applied.
    • A persistent machine can download new configurations at startup without any problems.
    • Your running an environment using non-persistent images.
    • You have a deployment group where the Installation Schedule has "Check for and download new Configurations on StartUp".
    • When checking your Gold image you see:
      • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AppSense Technologies\Communications Agent\configschedule]
      • "download configs on startup"=dword:00000000


    The CCA requires that "download configs on startup" is set to 1 This forces the end point to poll during the startup process.

    Without this set, the CCA will not stall startup of the Operating system, and only when a successfully poll occurs will this setting reflect the Deployment Group settings.


    To ensure the machines check for new configuration, use the CCaCmd.exe command line tool as detailed below. The CCA Command Tool utlility is installed with the 8.6+ CCA application, this contains an option to prepare an Endpoint for provisioning. 

    The tool is located in the following directory on the computer where the CCA is installed.

    • "C:\Program Files\AppSense\Management Center\Communications Agent\CcaCmd.exe"

    In order to prepare the machine you will need to run:

    CcaCmd.exe /imageprep

    When running /imageprep, the Deployment Agent (CCA) will automatically Check for and download new configurations on Startup regardless of the Deployment Group Settings. 

    Additional configuration is needed in order for a Deployment Group to accept CCA Command requests, further details on this can be found in the CCA Command Tool Section of the AppSense Management Center Product Guide.